Maria Leonida

Maria is a film director whose documentaries, with a focus on art and society, have been screened in Film Festivals and TV channels around Europe. Since 2002 she designs workshops for various programs in and outside schools teaching film language and audiovisual expression to children, young people and adult educators. Her interests focus on ways of understanding the media as well as processes of interdisciplinary learning. Her European projects include: the Melina Project- Arts in Education- , CH.I.C.A.M, at the Institute of Education, London, Stranger Festival, ECOWOMEN, The Videomuseums partnership. Her work has been presented in educational and film related conferences, while she has done media workshops for the University of Frankfurt and the JOBAct project in Germany. Maria was trained in filmmaking in London and Denmark. She holds a BA in History and an MA in Art History.

Andreas Treske

Andreas is an editor, filmmaker, and media artist living in Turkey. He graduated from the University of Television and Film Munich, directing department. From 1992 till 1998 he was a creative art staff at HFF Munich doing extensive research on applied aesthetics for cinema and TV. From 1998 – 2010 he was teaching at the Department of Communication and Design at Bilkent University, Ankara, film and video production, new media theory; he was the chair of the department from 2005 till 2010. Currently he teaches film production and documentary filmmaking in the Department of Media & Communication at Izmir University of Economics. He participated at international exhibitions of interactive media works, his various short films were screened on international film festivals. His co-directed feature length documentary “Takim boyle tutulur” was screened in Autumn 2005 in more than 50 Turkish cinemas. In 2008 he was the picture editor of the feature length cinema documentary “Mustafa”, directed by Can Dündar. He was the organizer of the 3rd Video Vortex conference in Ankara and is a corresponding member of CILECT, the international association of Film schools.




Alper Gedik

During his BA in Ege University, Alper started to work as a freelancer cinematographer and editor for different types of projects, including short films, promotional films and TV productions. Following his research on HD broadcasting technologies and audiovisual data transferring systems during his MA, his attention on ICT has shaped the studies he was conducting. He published online magazines, worked as digital film editor for nationwide promotional films, written and directed short films for personal and institutional purposes, gave lectures on multimedia design and production at BA level. Besides his full-time employment as TV and Broadcasting Technologies Specialist at Izmir University of Economics, Alper is currently a PhD candidate in the Institute of Social Sciences at Ege University. His current research topics are including but not limited to; 3D filmmaking, the feeling of immersion in stereoscopy and the future of 3D cinematography.

Yannis Skopeteas

Υannis has been involved in photography since 1989, art and cultural criticism since 1993, film production and direction since 1995, screenwriting since 1996 and academic research in all the above since 1997. Currently, he is a lecturer in Screenwriting and Direction in Digital Audiovisual arts in the University of the Aegean (department of Cultural Technology and Communication). At the same time, he works as a director in documentaries, commercials, corporate and educational videos.

Alexandros Spathis

Alexandros has studied sound engineering and has been working in multimedia since the early ’90s in the fields of sound design and audio-video digitalisation. He has written for many magazines on the topics of music technology and production as well as 3D animation, audio-video editing, music, sound and digital media manipulation in general, subjects that he teaches in the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication of the University of the Aegean. He has participated in short film productions, documentaries and advertising spots as sound engineer and editor, while at the same time he tries to stay active in music in the region of North Aegean.

Serkan Şavk

Serkan is a faculty member at Izmir University of Economics (IUE), Department of Media and Communication. He teaches on filmmaking, Turkish cinema and history of media and is also responsible of supervising the graduation projects of the film students. His research interests range from spatial history of early modern Ottoman Empire to history of cinema in Turkey. Serkan worked in a variety of documentary productions including award winning shorts Ömer Eve Gel/Ömer Come Home (2005) and Arka Bahçenin İnsanları/People of the Backyard (2004). Between 2002-2005 he wrote various radio programs on different aspects of Turkey’s musical heritage which were broadcast by Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) Voice of Turkey Radio (VOT).

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