Istanbul Digital Culture and Arts Foundation has been established in 2007 to explore the impact of digital technologies on our culture, and promote and support creative works that interconnect the disciplines of arts, science and technology.

Istanbul Digital’s mission is:

  • To identify and implement innovative and effective programs that make the youth familiar with the digital culture, and help them to get directly involved in artistic activities using digital technologies;
  • To seek effective means to facilitate the development of professional and individual relationships between the members of artistic and technological communities;
  • To explore ways in which digital technologies could facilitate public’s wide and easy access to the works of both domestic and international artists;
  • To encourage and support interdisciplinary works that span various fields of arts, science and technology;
  • And to provide international platforms where such works can be designed, executed and communicated to the public.

The activities of Istanbul Digital are planned and executed under three main topics:

  • Projects that are being designed and developed to encourage the youth to become engaged in creative works in various fields of digital arts;
  • Shows, exhibitions and performances to introduce local and foreign artists of the digital arts genre and their artworks to Turkish art and technology circles as well as general public;
  • Panels, symposia, conferences and alike designed to investigate the effects of arts, science and technology on various aspects of life, and to share and discuss new ideas and initiatives that will shape our future.

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