Aside from project partners and associates, various organizations bring their diverse contributions to the project as facilitators.
Here is the list of those stakeholders:


  Taşmektep which is a civil initiative based in Adatepe (Kucukkuyu) / Çanakkale hosted the Creative Documentary Development Workshop. Taşmektep is a civil platform offering a wide range of activities from philosophy, art history, to photography and pottery workshops. Members of Taşmektep also participated in some sessions in the workshop trying to widen the horizon of the participants by raising questions on Aegean identity, common problems of the region, art and culture.
MODE Istanbul, a motion pictures and digital arts initiative based in Istanbul and a partner of the European Doc Next Network led by the European Cultural Foundation, has been offering its support and networking capabilities in contacting national and international film festivals and platforms to promote and to organize the screenings of the short films produced during the project.
  SOM is a team of professionals and academics operating in different fields of the social sciences and humanities. SOM’s ultimate purpose is to act as a catalyst and create a platform for NGOs, business, artists, academics and entrepreneurs which need to find each other in order to realize their projects. SOM has been contributing to the project management with its experience in the field of European Union Projects.

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