In Adatepe – The Day After

Name of this song, as you probably all know anyway, is “Gel Gel Kayikci“. Music is anonymous, and the lyrics are by Cengiz Onural / Kalan Publishing. This particular version is performed by Hüsnü Şenlendirici and Trio Chios. Lead vocal is Markellos Poupalos of Trio Chios. The track is from the album “Egenin İki Yanı / Two Sides of the Aegean“. Special thanks to Vangelis Kechriotis for this wonderful gift.

from the top

Workshop / 2

Photo  by : Ada Ayşe İmamoğlu


Faces of NAN

Day 3

Serkan showed us how to camera use   in break. We watched great documentaries today. I think Mytro ans Melisa’s films was very close and nice. Thank you for watching!

“all day”

Scriptwriting Workshop

In our first day scripting game, participants were asked to bring certain small objects from home that were important to them and we exhibited them altogether. This “exhibition” initiated a stream of words and meanings that formed a basis for brainstorming which we minimized to 4 pairs of words that had an interest to the whole group. Finally the participants in groups of 4 had a few hours to prepare a videostatement by using their objects and ideas for a ...


second day in workshop

today we made lots of things. ı took many photos. sena requested from me a photo.   I think all of us are great people! God forbid us!     lunch was great. we ate vegetable so much.   Bazaar was good. Zac bought “çay bardağı”   serkan made us clapperboard with clay. Konsta aka Gangsta Man.He has gangsta soul.   and night, we watched documentary.