Rain Storm (Coming together in Adatepe)

Rain bashing relentlessly on the windows of Taşmektep

Today is the welcoming day to the Creative Documentary Workshop of the North Aegean Project. Looks like we have just picked up the right date for it.  There is a serious storm outside, and a hard rain has been pouring down since the morning. The group coming from Istanbul has safely arrived around noon time. The other group coming from Izmir, which also includes those who started from Athens this morning is on its way. But they are missing one of the NAN artists, Stratis Vogiatzis was supposed to take a ferry this morning from Chios to Çeşme, Izmir. But it was cancelled due to the storm. We’ve heard the boat could leave late in the afternoon. So hopefully, he will join us later tonight.

Let’s hope that the weather will improve in the following days. We’re crossing our fingers…

It is real nice to be inside...




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