The duration of the project was 12 months and consisted of the following key milestones:


January / February 2012

OPEN CALL  for artists and selection of project participants, finalization of work procedures and collaboration methodology.


March 2012

INSTRUCTORS’ MEETING  in İstanbul (2 days, 3 nights) with the participation of 2 Senior Instructors, 2 Local Instructors from Mytilene and 2 Local Instructors from İzmir,  and the project team (Project Coordinator, Artistic Director, Activity Manager, Communications Manager, Administrative Manager, a board member of Istanbul Digital and the representative of KEDE).


April 2012

CREATIVE DOCUMENTARY DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP in Adatepe, Çanakkale (8 days, 9 nights) with 2 Senior Instructors, 2 Local Instructors from Mytilene and 2 Local Instructors from İzmir, 8 Greek Artists and 8 Turkish Artists, lecturers and the project team.


May / June 2012

SHOOTING PHASE. The participants formed into groups of four and shot their films in Lesvos for 10 days and in the North Aegean Region of Turkey (the coastline between İzmir and Çanakkale) for another 10 days. The Local Instructors oversaw the shooting process organizing regular meetings with the participants, who also had the opportunity to schedule extra shooting days in June depending on available resources.


June / July / August 2012

EDITING PHASE. The process ran simultaneously in both İzmir and Mytilene. The participants mainly used their own facilities to edit their movies. The Local Instructors supervised the process, organizing regular meetings with the participants.


September / October 2012

SCREENINGS of the produced films in Adatepe, Ayvalık, Çanakkale, Mytilene, Athens, Eskişehir and Istanbul.



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