North Aegean Narratives project aims to attain the following objectives:

  • To interconnect artists from Turkey and Greece living in the North Aegean region and to encourage them to understand each other and to create a dialogue through art;
  • To implement innovative and inclusive activities seeking to include local people in the production process and to make them familiar with the visual arts, to bring art into the public space and to offer local people new ways for cultural understanding;
  • To promote the works of young artists to a wider audience;
  • To foster partnerships, networks and create debate and dialogues with arts practitioners, local communities and audiences in the North Aegean Region of Turkey and Greece;
  • To offer new artistic expressions, through collaborative works of the Turkish and Greek artists, seeking to enhance mutual cultural understanding and to overcome the misunderstandings and prejudices;
  • To establish an online platform serving as a virtual working and networking environment aiming to encourage young artists of the North Aegean to work and produce together and to facilitate communication between them.


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