Starting from the first gathering of the media artists of North Aegean Narratives in Adatepe for the creative documentary development workshop,  implementation of the project has been documented extensively on our blog here at this web site. But more importantly, we also managed to produce a making-of, which featured the production of the short creative documentaries, and the whole collaborative experience the project generated throughout its entire course.

The production of the NAN making-of was assigned to Ada Ayşe İmamoğlu.

If you have a high speed connection, you can select HD quality video by clicking this icon at the bottom right of Youtube screen, after you start playing the movie.


Ada Ayşe İmamoğlu

Born in Finike, Antalya in 1975, Ada is an experienced photographer and documentary filmmaker who is passionate about storytelling, and who regards documentaries as the best medium to connect to the whole humanity. Having worked in numerous media productions since 2000, she has won various awards and recognitions in national and international competitions. Ada herself is a descent of a “mübadil” (a Lausanne Treaty migrant) family, forced to migrate from Crete to Ayvalik during 1923 population exchange.Ada says:My yearning to the land I have never been to and the deep sorrow I feel whenever I hear rembetiko music could only bear witness to a deep rooted connection. The film I want to shoot is a film of a quest; a film of the great yearning I have for the far away yet so close “yonderland” I watch from across the sea. It is going to be the film of the happiness I feel each time I visit Ayvalik and talk to the old emigrant ladies from Crete – the joy of reunion with the land I belong to.

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