In Adatepe – The Day Before

Green green earth and dark grey skies... In all its grandeur, Spring reigns over Adatepe.

I arrived at Adatepe two days ago, riding through a heavy hail and rain, high winds, and incredibly bright sunny patches of land. Every conceivable shade of green together with thousands of fragrances that the earth so generously offers at this time of the year, accompanied me all along the way. It was a joyful ride, could have been drier, but nevertheless…

I’ve found the village as relaxed as ever, peaceful and quiet except for the usual sounds; outside, a donkey braying next door, chirping birds on the walnut tree, clucking hens with a proudly crowing rooster in pursuit, bleating sheep and goats with their newly born grazing on the deliciously green and fresh pasture; and here inside the house, the soothing hiss and crackle of the fireplace.

We went to Taşmektep yesterday to do a final check, and noted down a few to-do items for today, some simple repairs, a few items to shop for, etc. It was a  pleasant surprise to find the old paved ramp up to the entrance almost transformed into a springy turf. Full of sprouts and blossoms, the garden was a showcase of Spring’s miracles.

The old paved ramp has been transformed into a springy turf.

In stark contrast with the liveliness of the outside, inside was cold, damp, and dark. Having been unused for several months now, a thin dust almost with a mystical quality filled the rooms. We opened all the doors, curtains and windows to get some sun and fresh air inside. This place demands some thorough cleaning for sure. But after a bit of dusting and mopping, it will be ready once again to welcome its new guests.

Looking forward to Wednesday afternoon now, when this place will be packed with artists, instructors and lecturers participating in the North Aegean Narratives Project.

Looking forward to the afternoon of Wednesday, April 18th.


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