The core project team had its first meeting on 24 November 2011 at the main office of Istanbul Digital Culture and Arts Foundation.

The agenda was heavily loaded with a wide variety of issues and details, but the main task was to discuss and finalize the project plan prepared by the project coordinator.

The job descriptions of core project team members were established, the key project milestones were revisited, and various procedures related to different project phases were defined in detail.


The project coordinator, artistic director, and the communications manager travelled to Athens on 25 January 2012 to realize a series of meetings with KEDE, the project partner, Greek associate partners, and instructors. The main topics on the Agenda were; the call procedure to find the participating artists, the content and format of the upcoming instructors’ meeting in February in Istanbul, and preliminary planning for the development workshop in April.

Athens meeting confirmed all parties’ determination for extensive collaboration, and paved the way for mutual cooperation between all the stakeholders throughout the project.


On 9 March 2012, Greek and Turkish senior and local instructors of the North Aegean Narratives Project gathered for an intensive 2-day meeting in Istanbul.

One crucial objective of the meeting was to finalize the short list of candidate media artists. Another equally significant goal was to define and finalize the project methodology regarding the field work and related logistics.

The participants also spent a good deal of time discussing the technical aspects, like selection of the shooting equipment, definition of shooting and editing parameters, etc.


Creative Documentary Development Workshop was a major milestone of the North Aegean Narratives Project. On 18 April 2012, the NAN project team, participating artists, instructors, and a diverse group of acclaimed lecturers all came together in the village of Adatepe to realize a 9-day creative exercise. The agenda was densely packed with courses, seminars and lectures on a wide variety of subjects that span from story development to production and post-production techniques, from population exchange to mythology. There were screenings of feature and documentary films from Greece and Turkey, Q&A sessions, and round-table discussions.

Lead by our senior and local instructors the workshop also hosted a number of representatives of the local community, who shared their insights and experiences with the participants.


The wider project team got together in Mytilene on 21 September 2012 for an extensive feedback and evaluation session. The aim of the meeting was two-fold; first, it would be an open platform for the artists to express their criticism and testimonials based on their individual experiences in the project, and second, it would provide the core project team with an opportunity to allocate points and fields in the process subject to potential improvement for future similar initiatives.

In the first round of the evaluation meeting the artists present talked about their experiences and impressions, and in the second round, elaborating on the feedback received, the project team discussed with the instructors and other collaborating parties the key issues regarding the project methodology and detailed procedures involved.


All the stakeholders of the North Aegean Narratives along with a number of parties who contributed to the project at various phases, got together for a dinner party on 17 October 2012 at Cezayir Restaurantin Beyoğlu, Istanbul.

It was a great night marked not only with high emotions but also with a collective feeling of content and satisfaction.

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