Crazy guy

Izmir is very hot, my project is very confused and I want to play like this guy 8))) and we can do that while screenings, this is for you

Shooting in Istanbul

Finally, I finished my shootings. By the way, I took a few photos during Istanbul.

where were you Myrto

Today, we made shooting with Firu, after that Melisa, Gözde and me went to tavern for eating meze 8)) and Myrto didnt come with us! Myrto, you missed beautiful meze, beer, raki and also beautiful songs!

welcome to heaven.

After the amazing nine days, reality hurts so much. When I was in Mytilini, I felt myself real documentary artist. But yesterday, I record wedding documentary and also I was scolded three waitress during shooting for nothing 8)) . In Turkey, being a artist, very weird and interesting. And now, I would really want to be here.  


Paravan Project

From Agiasos

photo of the day

I took it village that I went to first day.

Street art in Mytilini

Grafitti artists are very successful in Mytilini. I liked their style.  

first night in mytilini

First night in Mytilini, it was great, we ate great Aegean vegetables and seafoods, I love coming from sea “denizden babam çıksa yerim!” it was great night with you guys, ı understand now, I missed you so much! Tomorrow morning, I will go to take photos around, I dont want to sleep so much in island, maybe I can upload some photos from here.